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Jesus Culture on Campus

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Highlight: What an honor it was to have Chris Quilala, and the Jesus Culture Band for a worship night on our campus this summer. The band hosted a meaningful Q&A session which was followed by a powerful worship night with hundreds who came out to life up One Name with one voice.

In the midst of all the trials facing our country we have continued to find strength and hope when we come together to worship.

We are blessed to have this wonderful partnership with Jesus Culture and are excited to see that God is doing through their ministry.

Follow Us on Social Media!

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This past month we’ve really been pushing our social media platforms, not only with current students and alumni, but with prospective students! We’ve been keeping our followers updated by highlighting people, announcing events and even sharing some scripture. This consistent presence on the internet allows viewers to feel like part of the family here at PBC and we’re doing everything we can to keep it that way. Whether it’s responding to questions on twitter or reading comments on Facebook, we are able to keep in touch with hundreds of people though social media.

Feel free to follow us on any social media platform, as we follow Christ!


Spring 2015 Events

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GU ConferenceGU Conference

What an amazing year at Generation Unleashed Conference! We had the chance to worship alongside thousands of other young adults and young people, hear inspiring messages from some of the most influences voices in the Christian community, and even connect with future students through the PBC experience. We’re already excited about next year!

FancyFeastFancy Family Feast

PBC students took progressive dinners to the next level by making it a formal event!We even had h’ordeuvres! After dressing up to look our best, we ventured through each dorm having a different course of the meal at each stop. Needless to say it was tons of fun. When it comes to food, PBC knows how to do it right!

InternationaPotluckInternational Potluck

One of the greatest things about PBC is how many different countries and cultures we have represented on our campus. This semester at the international potluck, we gathered to share multicultural food and fellowship, and had an awesome time doing it. Thank you to the Marin’s for opening up your home!

Dodgeball1 copyDodge Ball

They told us that college student students wouldn’t want to play dodge ball… but they were they wrong! We unleashed our inner warrior, fighting for victory amongst our peers. Few survived.. All enjoyed.

PrayerWeek copyPrayer Week

Throughout the entire week, everyone on campus met in their dorms at curfew to gather and pray for breakthrough and revival in both our generation, and our own lives. We welcomed heaven on earth and saw God move in powerful ways!

All Night PrayerAll Night Prayer

After an amazing week of prayer, we couldn’t wait to see what God wanted in accomplish at this semester’s All Night Prayer. From eleven at night to 5 in the morning, we sought the presence of God, allowing His Spirit to move through worship and word. He responded mightily! It was truly amazing to see God speak to so many of us, and to have him bless us with His presence.

Dorm Warm Dorm Warm

This semester we threw it back and decided to celebrate the decade of mullets and pop music. Coming together as one school in one of our dorms for an awesome night of games and hanging out, ‘Forever Young: An 80s Night’ was a huge success. And, everyone looked amazing in their retro outfits!

 DepthsLive Album Recording

‘DEPTHS’ was a live worship recording night put on by the worship department and senior student Jake Haymond. This was the first time in over a decade that we as a school had the privilege to capture what goes on in our weekly chapel service to share it with the world. We can’t wait for it to come out this fall! #Depths

International Chapel International Chapel

Celebrating the diversity of our school, we take one chapel service every semester to focus on the Global Church. This semester we prayed for the nations, worshipped in other languages, and even took an offering for an outreach project in Uganda. From different corners of the earth we gathered to worship God as one big family.

Seasons of the Spirit – New Book by Lanny Hubbard

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We’re thrilled to announce the release of a new book by professor Lanny Hubbard, entitled “Seasons of the Spirit”!  Highly respected as a teacher at Portland Bible College for the last 36 years, Lanny is known for awakening a passion in his students for the truth and relevance of the Bible in a down-to-earth, practical manner.  In his first published title, “Seasons of the Spirit” is a clear guidepost for us to consider the patterns and principles we see even in the natural seasons as a reflection for us to understand the seasons of our own lives following after God.

We couldn’t be more excited to let everyone know about this resource from Lanny that you’ll want to read yourself, and share with a friend.  If you’ve had the chance to sit in a Lanny class at PBC or benefit from his ministry in the past, you know what we mean!  Check out the following excerpt and share the social media links & photos with your friends, family, pastors and co-workers with at the bottom of the page.  We encourage you to get your copy today, available for Amazon Kindle (available to read on your computer, smartphone, tablet, or any Kindle device), and leave an Amazon review!

Congratulations, Lanny!


Excerpt from “Seasons of the Spirit”



The Message That Is All Around Us 

“The seasons are what a symphony ought to be: Four perfect movements in harmony with each other.”

– Arthur Rubinstein

For many people, there is a mysterious beauty that comes with each season of the year. Winter brings the muffling blanket of snow that is accented with ice sculptures hanging from the boughs of the trees. Spring brings the first signs of new life that begin to appear. The heads of small flowers push their way up through the cold ground, making their colorful declaration that warmer times are soon to come. The weather patterns of spring often display drastic extremes, as the blankets of cold air clash with warmer ones. Summer is the time of lazy warm days interrupted with the flurry of harvest activity. The air is filled with the sound of harvesting machinery, and the barns are filled with the bounty of the crops. People’s bodies are tired, but their souls are blessed. And finally, fall comes. The brilliant display of fall color is the crescendo to life’s symphony that has played all year. The days gradually get cooler while the air is still filled with the smell of the vineyard and fall apples. Each season is distinct and some people are attracted to one season more than another, yet it takes all of them to form the whole mosaic of life.


The title of this book communicates the idea that just as there are seasons in the natural calendar, there are also seasons in the work of the Holy Spirit. There are set things that He does at specific times throughout the life Seasons-of-the-Spirit---Blog-Quote-Boxof every believer. These are not things that randomly take place in some haphazard way. They have as much of an order and purpose as do their natural counterparts. Because people often make no association between natural and spiritual things, they don’t look to natural things to help understand the spiritual significance of what they are going through. They lack a map to help them see where they are in the unfolding of the Spirit’s activity. Because of this, they can often misinterpret what is going on around them, and in turn they will inappropriately respond to it. They can even belittle the very things that are preparing them for greater blessing. They may miss a deeper work taking place simply because they don’t see signs of how their situation can end up being a blessing. As a result, they might end up complaining about what they should be rejoicing in. They value what is fleeting and ignore what has lasting benefit. This can all take place because they don’t understand the season of life they are in and learn to cooperate with it.

The purpose of this book is to help the readers become more aware of what is going on around them. They need to see how the events of life all work together in one large master plan that God has foreseen a long time ago (Romans 8:28; Ephesians 2:10). Each day has in it important ingredients which help to ensure that the overall plan is completed. The success of any person is greatly affected by being able to know the purpose of those ingredients. It is also important to know the order that the ingredients will come.”

(Read more in “Seasons of the Spirit” (c)2014 Lanny Hubbard)



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International Chapel 2013

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Every year, PBC celebrates the impact of the Church around the world by praising God for what He’s doing in the countries represented by international students. This year 16 countries were represented, including: Australia, Bolivia, Brazil, Canada, China, Indonesia, Japan, Mexico, Nepal, Netherlands, Peru, Philippines, Romania, Russia and South Korea.

Student and missionary to Uganda, Seth Sokoloff challenged us to continue trusting that God is not done yet with what He’s doing in our lives and in the world, “nothing is finished until God says it’s finished and there is hope for every nation!”

Prayer was focused on the churches, pastors and cities each of these students came from. Special focus was given to the Philippines, asking God for miraculous intervention for the victims of the typhoon Hayian. We invite our alumni and friends to continue praying for our international students that are being trained from all over the world.

Summer Information

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 Summer Storage: 

Classroom #5 will serve as our summer storage room. There is a $40 summer storage fee.  It will be available by Friday, May 13th for those who need to begin moving. Please make sure your belongings are well marked with your name, neatly sealed and compact. ABSOLUTELY NO PERISHABLE FOOD!! REFRIGERATORS must be DEFROSTED, CLEAN and DRY– before you put it in storage.

 Mailbox Keys: 

If you are a returning student, please keep your mailbox key for next semester. You must however, check it in and out of the Student Rersource Center so we can make sure you still have it. Your account will be credited for your key deposit and then next semester your account will be billed again for the key deposit.

If you are not planning to return, please return your mail key immediately to the Student Resource Center. Any students who do not return their key will not receive their key deposit.

 Summer Residency Policies: 

This year summer residents will live in Dorms 1 and 4 while Dorms 2 and 3 are deep cleaned. These are rotated every summer.

  • Rent is $100 per month
  • Cafeteria is closed
  • Curfew is 1:00 am.  Quiet time is still in effect from 10:30 PM, to honor our neighbors
  • Dorm Duties will be assigned and inspections will take place (no alerts, fines only.)
  • If you have guests for any period of time during the summer, “Guest Stay” Forms are still required

Other than a curfew change, Handbook Policies are still in full effect for those who live on campus.  Nobody of the opposite gender should be in the dorms and alcohol consumption is completely prohibited. When you live here you still need to represent the school with your lifestyle. If you have any other specific policy questions please see Rich or Angela Miller.

New Affiliates

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PBC has always been involved in helping churches and pastors educate and disciple their students. We are thrilled about our new programs to do that better than ever. In 2012-13, we worked directly with 5 different Intern Programs representing 182 students. The number of Affiliates approved for next year is already doubled in size.
For more information on obtaining Affiliate Status click here.

Scholarship Fund

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Alumni and Friends of the PBC hosted a luncheon to raise funds for the Destiny Scholarship Fund. Together, they raised over $55,000! This fund provided several students with micro loans and scholarships and was critical to their ability to continue their studies at PBC. You can also contribute to this scholarship fund, by clicking here.

Chapel Renovation

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For alumni and current students alike, the Chapel building holds a special place in the hearts and minds of many. Weekly Friday Chapel services are times of encountering God’s presence and transformation, with extended worship and prayer, preaching, and prophetic ministry. PBC Chapel received a much needed upgrade as it has rested on the PBC property since the 1940’s.
This past summer (2013) saw a whole-building renovation take place with the installation of an upgraded audio PA system including new overhead mains and subwoofers. The live and intimate feel of worship in the Chapel has been preserved and sounds so good! The tri-level stage was flattened out to give room for larger worship teams. Two generous City Bible Church members donated their time and skill to construct and install the new stage top and expand the electrical capacity. Many thanks to Pete Fora and Daniel Roberts!

More noticeable was the installation of new carpet and flooring, chairs and interior paint to bring a modern and comfortable feel to the entry and sanctuary. Student involvement has been critical in making these projects a reality – many hours and late nights saw PBC students stopping by to help paint, tear up carpet and install equipment. Even the outside front entry to the Chapel area was transformed with an open landscaping plan thanks to our senior pastor’s wife and City Bible Church worship pastor, Sharon Damazio.

This was all topped off by the Creative Arts Production class using one of their semester stage design training projects to transform the stage with a true Pacific Northwest-inspired vintage wood and lighting design. Many thanks to the dozens of PBC students and faculty members as well as CBC members who contributed to its renovation! The Chapel continues to be a place where PBC students can come gather together to worship, pray in this season of equipping and training.

chapel3chapel2 chapel1