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Podcast: God as Friend wtih Pastor Jude Fouquier

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PJude10Pastor Jude Fouquier leads The City Church Ventura, in Southern California. He is a skillful communicator and has been committed to training young people for the Kingdom for many years. Pastor Jude is also part of the Portland Bible College Strategic Team and his church hosts a thriving internship program which is an extension campus of PBC.

This message was recorded on August 24, 2014 at our annual kick-off retreat

We hope this podcast is a blessing to you!

Alumni Heading to War-torn Region

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Two of our alumni are heading to one of the most dangerous parts of the world to share Jesus. For their security, we can’t disclose their names or location, but we ask you to pray for them as they move forward in their calling. Here’s a letter from them to you.

What a wonderful opportunity to share our story with you all!
We are going to the crossroads between Middle East and North Africa to share the light of Jesus Christ. We believe that the upheaval in this region of the world is a great opportunity to share the love of Jesus. Times and times again we have seen how God redeems sin. The war, turmoil, sickness and many other atrocities opened people’s hearts and made them recognize their need for God. Jesus is the hope that they need. Now is a great time to go into those difficult lands with a message of hope.
My husband worked in Darfur for four years as genocide and civil war raged on in Sudan.

J: I started PBC in 1998 because as a pre-teen I read the story of David Livingston and knew in my heart that I wanted to go to Africa. I graduated in 2002 and after doing ministry in Colombia South America for about a year I returned to US and finished my MBA. In 2007 God opened the door for me to work with an NGO in Darfur for four years.

M: I came to PBC with a similar desire to prepare for overseas work in 2006. I met J in 2010 while he was back in PDX for a few months of break. It is a beautiful story of miracles how God brought us together. We have been married for a couple of years and we are ready to launch back into the field very soon. God is building our faith to trust Him by stepping out in obedience, taking risks with wisdom.

One of the passages of Scripture that has inspired us is Job 14:7-9
“At least there is hope for a tree:
If it is cut down, it will sprout again,
and its new shoots will not fail.
8 Its roots may grow old in the ground
and its stump die in the soil,
9 yet at the scent of water it will bud
and put forth shoots like a plant.

God called us to a people groups not to a specific location. The people of Darfur have had to flee their lands and find refuge in the neighboring countries. Many of Darfuriens have encountered much pain, devastation and brokenness. God gave us a vision to go to those people with a message of Healing for yesterday, Courage for today, and Hope for tomorrow.
The need for laborers is great. Sudan has the most unreached people groups – over 100K. Almost all the communities there don’t have any witness for Christ and thus no example of how to follow Jesus.
We would love to share more and connect with you. Contact PBC if you would like to partner with us in what we are doing.

PBC Brasil Onward and Upward!

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Deans Ken and Glenda Malmin travel to Brazil to conduct a live class with online students from 15 different cities. Students unable to travel were able to stream the live lessons.

Deans Ken and Glenda Malmin travel to Brazil to conduct a live class with online students from 15 different cities. Students unable to travel were able to stream the live lessons.

This summer, Portland Bible College wrapped up its first online semester in Portuguese. With over 80 students from 15 different churches in Brazil participating, PBC Online was a huge success.

PBC offered Life of Christ by Glenda Malmin and Old Testament Survey by Lanny Hubbard. The PBC Online Team could not do it without the vision and dedication of it’s Portuguese speaking partners in Brazil. The entire online classroom and course materials were translated into Portuguese by Leandro Martins, Lucas DeSousa, and Leticia DeSousa Henriques, with the help of many others in Brazil who spent hundreds of hours processing applications, answering questions, and registering students.

Deans Ken and Glenda Malmin traveled all the way to Brazil this summer in order to meet with all of the PBC Students. And, they were so impressed by all the pastors and leaders that dedicated so much time and energy to their PBC coursework. The PBC Team in Portland feels a real connection to all of our students in Brazil. The second term is well under way and has already grown to 110 students taking Basic Doctrine and New Testament Survey. PBC is so excited about the future of the PBC Brasil Program and love all of our Brazilian Students!

Testimonials (translated to English):
“The fact that I could take these courses at home, in Portuguese, and to have such excellent material, and all the support necessary for the activities, was amazing!! This course helped me to see the Scriptures in a way that I had never seen before, understand the culture, habits, history, and the “whys” in some situations, that I didn’t understand before. Besides that, it helped me in my ministry. My sermons started to make more sense, to have more content and I’m able to simplify the Word of God to be expressed to others.”

“I’d like to thank PBC Brazil’s team, because a dream that I’ve had for more than 20 years came true!!! When I got saved in 1994, I wanted to take a Theology course and enter the ministry, but I was already attending another College. My wife (at that time my girlfriend) went to PBC. Now I’m in Ministry, I’m married, have children, I work full time and I have the opportunity to take this course, a dream that was written in my “book of dreams” 20 years ago!”

“I think this course is wonderful, a very rich content, excellent lectures (the explanation and slides). The discussions were also a great way to interact with other students and to reinforce the content and personal application. There were remarkable moments, I got emotional many times. The presence of God was intense. I just want to thank you for the opportunity to know more about God and His will. The course is captivating.”

“Congratulations to the entire PBC team for the effort, dedication and the quality of your work. Above all that, I thank you guys for the opportunity to have access to such a rich material. God bless the work of you all.”

Special note to our Portuguese readers: Se você está interessado no nosso programa em Português, visite nosso site:

Ana in Cuba

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ana in cubaAlumna, Ana Areli Moreno (ACM ’12) shares about her recent ministry trip to Cuba.

This past summer, God gave me the opportunity to travel to Cuba along with a team from my home church in Monterrey, Mexico. We had heard of the difficulties the churches in Cuba are going through, so we wanted to support our family in Christ in that island.

My local church has been supporting a small group of churches financially, but God took us there so we could be His hands as well. It was evident that God wanted us there because despite the difficulties of entering the country and bringing in donated goods, we made it safe and sound. We were warned that immigration could’ve caused trouble or would confiscate our luggage, but God was always with us and none of that happened.

We took clothes, shoes, books, candy, soccer balls, training equipment (for a soccer ministry with almost 60 non-christian teenagers), and Bibles. We were so happy we could help them with material things as well as the word of God.

Since the moment we arrived, we could see God’s joy in their lives and we noticed they didn’t really need all the stuff we brought them to be content. Sure, they were very grateful to receive all that we gave them, but that happiness didn’t compare to they joy the would express when they led someone to God, or when they worshiped or even when they served us.

Every single day in Cuba, was a blessing. I feel like our team received more than we could ever give them. We worked with the soccer team and performed a few skits that God used to speak into people’s lives. At the end of every skit,  everyone in the audience would make a decision to give their lives to Jesus.

The local churches have been able to launch seven new house-missions with the monthly financial assistance our church as been able to provide; and we were able to visit  all seven of them. We realize that our monthly support is not very much, but they do all they can with it and have raised these seven missions in just one year. With their plan is to launch a total of ten, you can see how their vision keeps growing and they keep working, non-stop, for the Glory of God.

I was amazed to see how much they can do, with the small amount of resources they have. There, I learned that all it takes to fulfill God’s will is a humble heart and a passion for Christ.

Getting together with our family in Christ from around the world is a blessing. That’s what God wants, unity among His children. Just like John 17:22 says: “that they may be one as we are one— 23 I in them and you in me—so that they may be brought to complete unity. Then the world will know that you sent me and have loved them even as you have loved me.

It is encouraging to see how the local church in Cuba is accomplishing God’s purpose against all odds. It’s a powerful reminder that, if God is for us, who can be against us?! -Romans 8:31

Please pray for the Church in Cuba. Pray for the provision, power and presence of God to be with our Cuban brothers and sisters. Pray that God will allow the world-wide Church to see the need in this beautiful Island who needs Jesus more than ever before.

¡Cuba Para Cristo!


VideoCred: John Moreno (Ana’s brother shot and edited this video of the trip).

Questions -CBC Series

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The world is filled with people in search for truth. Society seems to have more questions than Christians can answer. This series will have a two-fold focus. First, QUESTIONS will help to answer the questions that society is asking and give believers a chance to bring their unchurched friends to hear the Truth. Secondly, QUESTIONS will equip the believer to have better answers to the QUESTIONS being asked of them while sharing their faith with others.

As our church goes through this series, we will be digging deeper and adding more in-depth material to help you with these questions. Please come back and check out our posts!

Here are the questions we’ll see in the series:


International Chapel 2013

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Every year, PBC celebrates the impact of the Church around the world by praising God for what He’s doing in the countries represented by international students. This year 16 countries were represented, including: Australia, Bolivia, Brazil, Canada, China, Indonesia, Japan, Mexico, Nepal, Netherlands, Peru, Philippines, Romania, Russia and South Korea.

Student and missionary to Uganda, Seth Sokoloff challenged us to continue trusting that God is not done yet with what He’s doing in our lives and in the world, “nothing is finished until God says it’s finished and there is hope for every nation!”

Prayer was focused on the churches, pastors and cities each of these students came from. Special focus was given to the Philippines, asking God for miraculous intervention for the victims of the typhoon Hayian. We invite our alumni and friends to continue praying for our international students that are being trained from all over the world.

Summer Information

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 Summer Storage: 

Classroom #5 will serve as our summer storage room. There is a $40 summer storage fee.  It will be available by Friday, May 13th for those who need to begin moving. Please make sure your belongings are well marked with your name, neatly sealed and compact. ABSOLUTELY NO PERISHABLE FOOD!! REFRIGERATORS must be DEFROSTED, CLEAN and DRY– before you put it in storage.

 Mailbox Keys: 

If you are a returning student, please keep your mailbox key for next semester. You must however, check it in and out of the Student Rersource Center so we can make sure you still have it. Your account will be credited for your key deposit and then next semester your account will be billed again for the key deposit.

If you are not planning to return, please return your mail key immediately to the Student Resource Center. Any students who do not return their key will not receive their key deposit.

 Summer Residency Policies: 

This year summer residents will live in Dorms 1 and 4 while Dorms 2 and 3 are deep cleaned. These are rotated every summer.

  • Rent is $100 per month
  • Cafeteria is closed
  • Curfew is 1:00 am.  Quiet time is still in effect from 10:30 PM, to honor our neighbors
  • Dorm Duties will be assigned and inspections will take place (no alerts, fines only.)
  • If you have guests for any period of time during the summer, “Guest Stay” Forms are still required

Other than a curfew change, Handbook Policies are still in full effect for those who live on campus.  Nobody of the opposite gender should be in the dorms and alcohol consumption is completely prohibited. When you live here you still need to represent the school with your lifestyle. If you have any other specific policy questions please see Rich or Angela Miller.

Scholarship Fund

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Alumni and Friends of the PBC hosted a luncheon to raise funds for the Destiny Scholarship Fund. Together, they raised over $55,000! This fund provided several students with micro loans and scholarships and was critical to their ability to continue their studies at PBC. You can also contribute to this scholarship fund, by clicking here.

Chapel Renovation

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For alumni and current students alike, the Chapel building holds a special place in the hearts and minds of many. Weekly Friday Chapel services are times of encountering God’s presence and transformation, with extended worship and prayer, preaching, and prophetic ministry. PBC Chapel received a much needed upgrade as it has rested on the PBC property since the 1940’s.
This past summer (2013) saw a whole-building renovation take place with the installation of an upgraded audio PA system including new overhead mains and subwoofers. The live and intimate feel of worship in the Chapel has been preserved and sounds so good! The tri-level stage was flattened out to give room for larger worship teams. Two generous City Bible Church members donated their time and skill to construct and install the new stage top and expand the electrical capacity. Many thanks to Pete Fora and Daniel Roberts!

More noticeable was the installation of new carpet and flooring, chairs and interior paint to bring a modern and comfortable feel to the entry and sanctuary. Student involvement has been critical in making these projects a reality – many hours and late nights saw PBC students stopping by to help paint, tear up carpet and install equipment. Even the outside front entry to the Chapel area was transformed with an open landscaping plan thanks to our senior pastor’s wife and City Bible Church worship pastor, Sharon Damazio.

This was all topped off by the Creative Arts Production class using one of their semester stage design training projects to transform the stage with a true Pacific Northwest-inspired vintage wood and lighting design. Many thanks to the dozens of PBC students and faculty members as well as CBC members who contributed to its renovation! The Chapel continues to be a place where PBC students can come gather together to worship, pray in this season of equipping and training.

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