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S.T.O.R.M. Japan 2016

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It was an honor to lead a team of PBC students and alumni on a ministry trip to Life Church in Osaka, Japan led by Pastors Joel (BTh ’97) and Kellie (BCM ’97) Kaylor.

This STORM was one of the most stretching, challenging and fruitful experiences in my life. It was such a privilege to serve churches in my home country. Although our daily itinerary was packed and there were many last minute changes, each member of our team did an amazing job to accomplish their ministry tasks without complaint.

We were involved in many things, but our first highlight was a night of worship (concert) and workshops. There were about 60-70 people who signed up for various workshops such as a songwriting, leadership, worship leader, vocal and musician clinics. Approximately 110 people showed up to the concert and we had a great time worshiping God together.

Church leader and alumna, Yukie (Nishihara) Kaylor reported that 70% of participants were from outside of life church. People were really hungry to receive from God. We received wonderful feedback from many participants and this event served as a bridge connecting several local churches in the area.

We led two weekend services. Life church is a worshiping church and the atmosphere was very similar to home at City Bible Church making it very easy to lead the congregation in worship. Each team-member did an amazing job to serve the church and the leadership team. Pastors Carlos Marin and Jeremy Scott led a powerful prophetic ministry session that first Sunday afternoon. During this time we prayed for pastor Joel and his family, as well as the entire leadership team and others in the congregation. The Holy Spirit moved mightily and many people were baptized in the Holy Spirit for the first time.

Another personal highlight of this trip was going down to Kumamoto in order to do volunteer work for earthquake relief. It was definitely heartbreaking for us to see the city in such brokenness. What we could do was a very small thing, yet we saw people who won back their smile because of our volunteer work. I was personally overwhelmed and blessed as we blessed them. There were also several personal divine encounters for me in Kumamoto such as meeting with my cousin who I hadn’t seen for decades, Eiichi (a leader of Ariake Bible Church and a staff of Operation Blessings), and Joshua (associate pastor of Ariake Bible Church).

Our three days in Kumamoto were unforgettable.

Our second Saturday in Life Church was another pretty packed day for us because we ended up leading worship practice to the life church worship team in the morning, hung out with their youth group in the afternoon and had a worship night/service in the evening.

Every event in the day was really fun and meaningful for all of us. It was fun for us to celebrate the life church’s 7 th year anniversary with them
at the second Sunday afternoon. We could meet many people and prayed for them as well. It was very meaningful for us to invite all of the leadership team members to the dinner afterward so that we could show our appreciation for them. Each leader expressed their gratitude toward us with sharing words with us. It was a wonderful way to end our STORM trip. God has great things in store for the nation of Japan and we are blessed that PBC has had such an impact in the lives of many church leaders in that country.

In Him,

Yasuhito Hontani, BCM

S.T.O.R.M. Uganda 2016

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Pictured from left: Pastor Mark Daniels (BTh ’98), Diana (Benton) Sokolof (BTh ’11), Dr. Emily Jones, Kandice Jameson (ATh ’16), Federico Serrano, Seth Sokolof (ACL ’11) and Adrian Allen.

This summer has brought many international travel opportunities to our PBC students. Most recently, students and alumni joined mission trip to Kampala, Uganda, working with Life Church.
The trip included many evangelistic trips to small neighboring villages where hundreds gave their life to Christ.

Here’s a report from alum and professor Pastor Mark Daniels:

Uganda STORM 2016 was a huge success! We were in the country for a total of 12 days within which we ministered in quite a few different places. We ministered to Life Church Uganda during 4 Sunday services and 2 youth services. We traveled to Kibiito in the west of Uganda and ministered for 3 days, seeing over 100 people make recorded decisions for Christ. We spent quite a bit of time building relationships with the Ignite Interns of Life Church (there were 19 of them, plus some of Life Church leaders who worked with Ignite). We spent a lot of quality time with Seth and Diana Sokoloff as well. Overall, we all felt like we were stretched and used by God to advance His Kingdom.

In my interactions with the team, I believe that we all agree on the highlight of the trip being the days in Kibiito. These were three challenging days as it was the first time any of us had lived in that manner – the accommodations were definitely different from what we are used to here in America. The toilet, bathing, food, and even sleeping arrangements were all at least a little bit of a challenge for us. Perhaps the “squatty potty” being the biggest challenge. However, those three days also saw some of the most fruitful ministry of our time in Uganda and I think is now viewed as the highlight of our trip. While in Kibiito we all spoke publicly about our faith (and I mean loud and clear through a sound system run with a generator), prayed in faith for the sick, shared the gospel with individuals through personal conversation and through it all came to love the people of Uganda.

Another highlight for the team is the relationships built with the Ignite Interns and the Life Church leaders that help out with Ignite. I have personally thought about all 19 of them fairly often since returning from the trip – an indication of the depth of love that was formed primarily through our time ministering alongside them in Kibiito. The Ignite interns are all young adults and since our team was pretty young overall, we clicked with them in a special way. I really felt like the team that ended up going on the trip was God’s handiwork in plain sight; there was just a special bond formed. In addition to the trip to Kibiito, we spent a whole morning with them the first Saturday. One of the things we did with them that day was to hear them share “one thing they have learned through the Ignite internship.” The fruit of that interaction was great. We felt like we had an idea of who they were and what their story was. Couple that with ministering side-by-side with them and it’s easy to see how the special bond was formed so quickly.

And then there was our time with Seth and Diana. They are great couple who are doing really cool things there at Life Church. I thought their leadership during the trip was first-class and well planned out. It’s obvious that they have lots of experience with teams coming over to minister. I really appreciated their heart for God, for our team, for the Kingdom, and of course for the people of Uganda. Our team felt like we were able to come alongside them and join their efforts without any trouble or hassle. They encouraged us, pushed us into our giftings, loved on us, received from us, and became a brother and sister to us all. They are a home run couple!

Jesus Culture on Campus

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Highlight: What an honor it was to have Chris Quilala, and the Jesus Culture Band for a worship night on our campus this summer. The band hosted a meaningful Q&A session which was followed by a powerful worship night with hundreds who came out to life up One Name with one voice.

In the midst of all the trials facing our country we have continued to find strength and hope when we come together to worship.

We are blessed to have this wonderful partnership with Jesus Culture and are excited to see that God is doing through their ministry.