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STUDENTS enrolled at PBC are eligible for a huge discount on LOGOS Bible Software

What is LOGOS?It is a computer software that gives you hundreds of books in an electronic searchable format with the ability to purchase thousands more. Resources include Bible dictionaries, lexicons, handbooks, commentaries and several books currently required for PBC courses. LOGOS equips you with easy-to-use research tools and it is immensely helpful with Greek & Hebrew word studies.

Who gets a discount? If you are a degree seeking PBC student, you automatically qualify for a 30% discount. If you are enrolled in a Bible study course that requires LOGOS (like Bible Research or Hermeneutics) then you will receive a 50% discount!

How much will it cost? That depends on which “library” package you purchase. Students who qualify for the 50% discount will receive a “Bible Study Library” for only $132.98; and the more robust “Scholar’s Library” will only cost $314.98. That’s like buying hundreds of expensive Bible reference books for only $1 a piece! The best part is that we can add the cost to your PBC bill so you can pay it off over the semester.

What is needed to run LOGOS? Logos works for both PC and Mac. There are apps for the iPhone, iPad, iPod Touch and Android. There, however, are a few system requirements for running the software.

How can I get it? Email Travis Arnold at tarnold@portlandbiblecollege.org with questions or tell him which LOGOS Library you wish to purchase.

Go to www.logos.com/comparison to compare the different libraries; or watch demos at www.logos.com/videos.



Freshmen are required to take Personal Bible Study in their spring semester. There are two options for this course:

  • Pt 104 is the traditional Personal Bible Study course using books
  • Pt 104E is an electronic version of the course using Logos Bible Software

The required textbooks for the traditional course will cost around $160. Logos Bible Software (See below for details on Logos.) will cost $315 (a 50% discount), but includes electronic versions of the same textbooks plus hundreds of other titles, some of which will be required later on in other courses. Two other books are also required for the electronic course, making the total around $400.

If you planing on taking the electronic version of the course, please make sure to enroll in Pt 104E instead of Pt 104 and Logos Bible Software will automatically be included in the cost of your tuition instead of the books.

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