Worship Track Changes 2010

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IMAG0178b.jpgWe’re pleased to announce several updates to the School of Worship degree programs effective Fall 2010. The goal in these revisions was to align our tracks to better equip students in their specific arena of ministry, and accelerate musical and leadership growth.  The Worship Pastor program (Years 3 & 4) has been substantially overhauled to include key training opportunities and courses that prepare upperclassmen for effective ministry.  Check out the highlights below:

Associate of Church Music

All Tracks

Worship Ministry 1 (Mu 227) is now a first semester course that introduces the student to the heart and principles of local church worship ministry, and is the gateway to worship practicum involvement.  It also serves as a relational connect-point between the student and the PBC School of Worship faculty team.

Worship Ministry 2 (Mu 228) is now a Year 1, spring semester course.

Intro to MIDI Notation (Mu 161) is a prep course training students in use of music notation software, using Finale™, an industry standard software program.  This knowledge is used in a variety of other courses, from songwriting to music theory, etc.

OT and NT Survey (Bi 103,104) are now a part of every music student’s second year.  These courses provide a complete and thorough understanding of all the books of the Bible, and their application to life.

Psalms (Bi 314) is now a Year 2, spring semester course instead of previously Year 1, spring semester.

Worship Leader Track

Worship Leading Techniques 2 (Mu 243) is now 2 credits instead of the previous 1 credit, with added content preparing the worship leader with basic knowledge & familiarity of each instrument in a rhythm band, and the communication skills necessary for effective band leadership.

Worship Band Basics (Mu 252) is no longer offered in light of this.

Worship Musician Track

Worship Band Basics (Mu 252) is no longer offered.  Basic knowledge & familiarity of the role of a student’s particular instrument major is reached in other required courses and jury/practical experience requirements.

Bachelor of Church Music (Worship Pastor)

Creative Arts Production 1-4 (Mu 347,348,447,448) is now a 3 credit courses, with expanded content and application to prepare the student for a variety of artistic and music expressions in the local church and beyond.  Students will become familiar with everything from media expressions, leadership principles for creative events, and musical skills in working with vocalists, teams, and orchestras.

Music Instruction (Mu 325) A new course for Year 3, fall semester students.  At some point, those involved in worship ministry leadership will find themselves needing to teach and instruct musicians and groups, whether private or team lessons.  This class equips students to be prepared to understand the various dynamics they will encounter in those settings, and have some practical pedagogical experience.

Speech Communication (Co 201) has been added for Year 3 fall semester students to prepare them for effective speech communication and presentation.

Worship Workshop Leadership (several) is now the only required Worship Workshop class requirement for upper-level music students.  Students have always been engaged in learning to reproduce themselves and work with newer musicians and leaders at this level, but will be participating at a higher degree.

Senior Music Project (Mu 437) is a new course for Year 4, fall semester music students that allows for the student to engage in a field of music skill and/or ministry specific to their calling and interest, but in a coached and guided setting.  This may include songwriting, recording projects, etc., and works in conjunction with preparing the student for the Senior Recital (Mu 412) event.

Click here for the current Course Catalog to view these course descriptions.

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